Do you have any doubts about your purchase? Here are the most frequently asked questions by our customers. 

How to inflate a SUP board?

It's very easy! With the double action pump that comes in the kit of your SUP board or inflatable kayak, simply unscrew the cap and make sure that the central pin is in the highest position. Screw the tube into the pump, and insert the other end of the tube into the valve, twisting to secure it. There are 2 phases in the inflation process: in the first phase, keep your legs straight and push the handle downwards with your arms, always making the whole stroke of the pump with continuous movements. In the second phase, when it starts to be difficult to get down, keep your arms straight and help yourself with the weight of your body by bending your knees. Continue in this way until you reach 12 psi, release the pump valve, close the cap, and off you go!

The pressure gauge on the inflation pump is not working?

Don't worry, everything is fine! In 99% of the cases it's not a pump failure, it's just that the pressure gauge starts to read from 5-6 psi. We will continue to inflate even if the board looks inflated and it is getting harder and harder to go down, suddenly the needle will go to 5-6 psi and from there it will mark the pressure up to the recommended 12 psi, remember never inflate to 15 psi of maximum pressure!

What is the status of my order?

To do this we need you to contact us with the full name of the person who placed the order and the order reference number, which can be found in the order confirmation email. 

What are the shipping costs?

For the Iberian Peninsula the shipping costs are 10 euros. For orders of more than 60 euros the shipping is free, except for Kayaks and bulky items (weight over 20Kg), which will be charged the shipping costs determined by the transport company.

Balearic Islands: 24 '20 euros. 

Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 30 euros (VAT exempt).

European Union countries: For orders over 60€ shipping is free. Except for Kayaks and bulky items (weighing more than 20Kg), which will be charged the shipping costs determined by the transport company. (according to LIVA art. 25)

Other countries: will be determined by the transport companies.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 24-48 hours as long as it is a shipment to the peninsula and it is not a bulky product. If you are sending a bulky product to the peninsula, the delivery time is approximately 5 days. 

How can I cancel my order?

Are you sure you want to cancel? Yes? We would like to convince you not to, but the process is very simple. Contact us by email at or by phone on 623 124 181 where you will be attended by our customer service staff and will manage the cancellation.

I don't like the item / it's not my size / it's not my size

No problem! You can return it as long as it is in perfect condition and unused, in its original packaging, with all its accessories and documentation and within the 14 calendar day trial period. Contact us by email at or by phone on 623 124 181 where our customer service staff will assist you and tell you how to manage the return or exchange in a very simple way. Shipping costs are always paid by the buyer, and if an article has to be exchanged for another, the buyer will pay the shipping costs of the new article.

My item is faulty

Don't worry, so that we can help you, please contact us at indicating your name and surname, as well as the order reference of the defective item. We will also need photos/videos where we can clearly see the defect, so that we can deal with it effectively. 

The item has not arrived on time

Don't panic. Contact us by email at or by phone on 623 124 181 where you will be attended by our customer service staff and you will find the information regarding your order. Please have your order reference number ready to speed up the process.

Can I finance my purchase?

Yes, and it's very easy! With the Aplázame module you can finance your purchases interest-free up to 36 months without paperwork and directly. Simply select the "Aplázame" box in the payment method section during the purchase process, choose the number of instalments and the day on which you prefer to pay, enter your ID number and your mobile phone number and we will reply instantly. It's that easy!

What is the warranty on the products?

All our products have a 2 year guarantee and cover manufacturing faults or defects, never damage caused by misuse. All our products are of high quality, however we advise you to check the products as soon as you receive them.

Do you ship to UK and Canary Islands?

The customer is responsible for customs duties and taxes.

As for shipments to the UK, due to the Brexit situation, customers must send the order collection with an English company to pick up the product in our warehouse. Our transport companies are unable to deliver orders to private customers in the UK.

Problem with the valve?

This can happen because sometimes valves are not adjusted at the factory, and it is very easy to solve.

With the little black lever that comes in the accessories you can adjust the valve, if it were a clock hand you would adjust it clockwise for 10-15 minutes, this is to adjust it little by little. Try it and let us know if you have any problems!

Bubbles on the board?

You don't have to worry, that little bubble is because there are no dropstich filaments in the valve and therefore it is not attached to the bottom wall. Each little dot you see on the surface of the board corresponds to a filament that goes from the top wall to the bottom wall, and this is what gives the board its rigidity, as the valve is not attached, this bubble comes out at the bottom, all inflatable boards on the market have it, although some brands hide it with the fin box, as we said you have nothing to worry about! 

Haven't we cleared up your doubts? Contact us and we will be happy to answer them :)


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