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Can you imagine being able to go anywhere with your kayak? That's what you can get for buying a detachable kayak.  

At Nauticmar, we have the largest offer of detachable kayaks on the net. Because we want you to enjoy your favourite sport to the maximum. And we also want you to do it well. That's why we not only offer you quality kayaks, but also the best customer service.

Quality, design and efficiency.

In our catalogue of detachable kayaks you can find several different models to suit every type of person or trip. Because we know very well that sailing on the sea is not the same as sailing on a river or any other kind of landscape. And it is also not the same to do it alone or accompanied.

Why choose a demountable kayak?

A demountable kayak is divided into several modules, which you can put back together without affecting your trip. Choosing a demountable kayak therefore has a number of added advantages:

  1. It is easier to transport. Now you don't have to have a huge car or buy a trailer.
  2. It can be stored anywhere. From a storage room to a small warehouse.
  3. It is not as heavy as a whole kayak. Instead of carrying 30 kilos you can handle 12 kg models.
  4. If a friend joins you at the last minute, you can add the module to go out for miles of fun.

Which demountable kayak to buy?

It all depends very much on what you want to use it for. If you usually sail alone, you don't need to buy a kayak with many seats. One option is to buy a two-seater kayak in case someone joins you unexpectedly.

There are specific demountable kayaks for sea fishing, river fishing or cruising. That's why it's important that you consult our customer service before you buy one. Thanks to this, you will be able to see all the models currently available and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

It's not a choice to make lightly. After all, you are investing in design, but above all in quality; which must be accompanied by advice before and after your purchase.

Advice that we will be happy to give! Ask about our detachable kayaks and enjoy all their advantages.

At Nauticmar we sell demountable kayaks for all kinds of public.

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