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Inflatable paddle surf boards

At Nauticmar we know that you love to enjoy the water, that's why we always offer you the best. This time we present you the catalogue of inflatable paddle surf boards that we have to buy online at the best price. Because we know what you are worth and what you deserve.

Find out more about our wide selection of inflatable sup and choose the board that best suits your weight, your level of experience and the use you are going to give it. We have inflatable sup boards for all kinds of uses and levels: from beginner boards that offer great stability and control, to inflatable sup boards designed for competition, characterised by their great speed and advanced level of experience.

Why buy a paddle surf board?

There is no doubt that inflatable sup boards are a real delight for lovers of outdoor activities, especially those that are done on water, whether fresh or salt.

The reasons are endless, but here are some of the reasons why inflatable sup boards have become a must-have item in recent years. The first advantage for deciding to buy an inflatable paddle surf board is that it is designed for the most inexperienced levels (beginners). It is very easy to learn. If you are just starting out, you don't need to be an expert to start enjoying the experience. Simply follow the instructions of an expert instructor, and you'll be surfing in no time.

Also, an inflatable sup is much lighter than a traditional paddle surf board, so it's much easier to transport and store. It's also much safer; so you can enjoy the experience without worrying about your safety, especially if you're surfing with children, as it has superior stability.

How many types of inflatable SUP boards are there?

As we have mentioned, at Nauticmar we have a large catalogue of inflatable paddle surf boards for different uses and with different prices. You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs. Although if we have to highlight inflatable paddleboards we want to talk about the All round models (initiation), the touring (intermediate) and race (advanced), among others.

We sell inflatable paddle surfboards online

If you are looking for an inflatable paddle surf board of the best quality and price, you are in luck. At Nauticmar we sell inflatable sup boards online from the most prestigious brands in the industry.

Discover their individual characteristics and buy the inflatable sup that fits your needs.

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