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The kayak is a boat of Eskimo origin that was once used for fishing and hunting in the Arctic. With the passing of time, the manufacture of the kayak has evolved, acquiring different shapes and types.

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Are you thinking of renewing your kayak? Do you want to get started in the world of this water sport and you only trust in high quality brands? Do you want to live the water from another perspective and enjoy an incredible experience with your friends or family? Then don't think twice and buy kayaks in a simple and easy way. 

In no time you will be able to have fun in the sea, in a lake or in any other body of water (fresh or salt) with the purchase of one of our kayaks. We only trust the best brands to offer you the best parts and experiences. 

Discover the types of kayaks we have in our online kayak shop, as well as some of their most useful accessories (such as depth sounders, gps and kayak electronics; kayak covers and kayak transport or kayak paddles) to enjoy the full experience. 

Main types of kayaks according to use and structure

As with paddle surfboards, at Nauticmar you can find various types of kayaks according to their function or design, as there is no one type that suits all types of kayaks. For this reason, in our online kayak shop we divide them into two subgroups, mainly.  

Kayaks for sale by type of structure

This is the first subgroup and is characterised by dividing the types of kayaks according to their design. Specifically, we have four different types, which are:

Kayaks for sale by use

This is the second subgroup and here you can find kayaks for sale according to the use you are going to make of them. 

Are you a recreational fishing enthusiast, or do you dream of doing routes for hours while you enjoy the salt water and the marine fauna? 

Either way, you can buy the best kayak in our online kayak shop. We are sure to have the kayak that best suits your needs. 

  • Fishing kayak: self-bailing kayak or sit on top kayak equipped with accessories that allow you to practice fishing, this type of kayak allows the mobility of the crew member facilitating this sport.
  • Whitewater river kayak: closed and very short kayak where manoeuvrability is the objective.
  • Sea kayak: kayak with good navigability and ideal for calm waters.

We have the best brands on the market

At Nauticmar we want to offer you the best, that's why we only trust the best in the market in the manufacture of kayaks of all categories. Specifically, our online kayak shop has in its catalogue kayaks and kayak accessories from two of the most recognized brands worldwide: Long Wave and Point 65 Sweden. 

Where to buy 1 or 2 seater kayaks

In addition to the above distinction, kayaks can also be differentiated according to the number of seats they include, although they mainly have one or two seats. 

Discover in our kayak shop the one that best suits your needs and get ready to enjoy yourself like a little kid. 

Buy kayaks online at Nauticmar, your favourite kayak shop. Free shipping and delivery within 24/48 hours.   


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