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We are your online inflatable kayak shop

f you are interested in buying an inflatable kayak at the best price, you are in the right place.

At Nauticmar we have the best inflatable kayaks for you to enjoy your hobbies like never before. In addition to having a professional and personalised service, you can buy inflatable kayaks of the best quality and design on the market.

Yes, as you read it.

In our online catalogue of inflatable canoes we have included several types of kayaks, which vary depending on their main activity or mode of use. Because an inflatable fishing kayak is not the same as an inflatable kayak for sea or cruising. Just as it is not the same to choose a single kayak, or a kayak for two or more people.

So choose well between all these options. You will be able to get the inflatable kayak that best suits your tastes and needs.

Buy 2, 3 and 4 seater inflatable kayaks at Nauticmar

As we have already mentioned, the inflatable kayaks that we have at Nauticmar are subdivided into various types according to the number of seats or type of design.

Specifically, and according to their capacity, you can find single inflatable kayaks, as well as 2-seater inflatable kayaks, and even 3-seater inflatable kayaks. Although it is true that double inflatable kayaks are the most abundant in our catalogue and in the market in general; as well as single-seaters.

Don't wait any longer and buy the best inflatable kayak in our online shop! Enjoy the sea, lake or river with the security of having a complete and high quality equipment.

Top accessories to improve the functionality of your inflatable kayaks

Do you want to improve your experience and get the most out of your inflatable kayaks? At Nauticmar we have what you are looking for!

In our catalogue we have inflatable kayaks with electric motor and inflatable kayaks with keel (like the AIRKAYAK 16). The advantages are innumerable, although the ones that stand out the most are:

  • It facilitates the navigability.  
  • Longer distances can be enjoyed.
  • Maintains an efficient course.
  • Improves manoeuvrability and stability.

Which inflatable kayak to buy?

If you are wondering which inflatable kayak to buy, let us tell you one thing: At Nauticmar you can find the kayak that best meets your needs, whether you are going to use it for fishing, for trips with your group of friends or simply to enjoy the sea from another perspective.

Specifically, in our online shop you can buy various models of inflatable kayaks, from ultra-resistant high-pressure inflatable kayaks to kayaks made with high quality Dropstitch technology. For a completely satisfying experience.

Have you made up your mind?

Contact us if you need us to help you with the purchase of your inflatable kayak.

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