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SUP boards for tours and routes

We love to be part of your best moments, especially when you are enjoying your hobbies on the water (alone or accompanied). So we have included in our online catalogue SUP touring boards for you to choose the one that best suits you and your needs when you are in the water.

Inflatable SUP touring boards

Although there are several models of SUP touring boards on the market, at Nauticmar we have only included the inflatable ones because we believe they can offer the best performance to our customers. In fact, one of their main advantages is that they can be stored wherever you want and transported in a comfortable and agile way.

Ideal accessories for paddle surfing trips with a paddle surfboard

You can't miss some of our star accessories to complete your equipment and go out on routes in the best possible way. Not only for safety reasons, but also because they will help you feel more comfortable in the water.

We recommend the following:

  • Life jackets (we have them for all members of the family).
  • Waterproof bags so you can take your mobile phone and other objects on your route without fear of them getting lost or damaged.
  • Neoprene SUP seats so you can make the journey from the comfort of a seat.

We also have other accessories such as inflators and paddles, although the vast majority of our touring paddle surfboards are fully equipped and include these types of accessories.

Buy SUP touring at the best price and with the best quality at Nauticmar

Are you looking for a paddle surf board to make new crossings in the sea? Then don't wait any longer and buy paddle surfboards for touring and routes at the best price with Nauticmar. Because we care about your happiness, above all, in the water.

As experts in some water sports articles, we can help you choose the best SUP touring board on the market, with which you can let yourself go and experience the sea from the comfort and tranquillity that characterises all these models. We can only offer you the best in paddle surf board designs for this hobby because we only trust the best brands such as Zray and Coasto.

Don't wait any longer and buy online one of our paddle surfboards for touring and enjoy the best routes every day of the year.

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