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Boards constructed with two layers of PVC are much stiffer and more durable than single-layer entrance line boards. However, they produce a heavier board in which some aesthetic imperfections may occur. Thus Thermo Twin Skin TTS® technology was born.

A revolution in the stand-up-paddle market. A unique technology that consists of thermal fusion. The two PVC layers are no longer bonded together. They are now thermowelded, which means that heat is used instead of glue.


It takes a significant amount of thick glue to cover the surface of a paddle board, and when the glue is removed, the boards are 20 to 25% lighter!


Gluing the two layers together may cause some visual imperfections, such as bubbles, creases or stains, when the glue does not spread well. Boards constructed with TTS® are smoother and have perfect finishes.


In the long run, these same imperfections can lead to flaking. Avoiding glue offers a more qualitative board for many years.


The welding of the two PVC layers at the initial design stage provides a super rigid surface for greater buoyancy and rigidity.

Why choose Coasto Surf?

Coasto paddle surf boards are known for their wide variety of models and sizes perfect for any kind of user. If you are looking for a high quality paddle surf board, Coasto Sup boards are a perfect choice.

Coasto paddle boards stand out for their high quality and excellent performance in the water. These boards are made of the most resistant materials, guaranteeing a long life span of your board. In addition, Coasto boards are designed to be easy to handle, which makes them ideal for travelling.

Coasto paddle surfboards at Nauticmar

At Nauticmar, you can find a wide selection of Coasto paddle surf boards, with different models and sizes to choose from. For beginners who are just starting out in this water sport, it is best to have a more stable and thicker board to keep your balance and master the main techniques.  For more advanced users, it is advisable to use high performance boards that allow them to fully exploit their skills in the water. Nauticmar offers competitive prices and excellent customer service, ensuring a satisfactory shopping experience.

Buying Coasto paddle surfboards at Nauticmar is a safe option, as it is an online shop specialised in water sports, with a wide selection of high quality products. In the shop, you can find a wide variety of Coasto paddle surfboards, as well as other accessories and equipment for water sports.


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