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At Nauticmar we have the best fishing kayaks on the market, as they come from brands known for their high quality.

Main types of fishing kayaks

Do you want to buy a fishing kayak and enjoy one of your greatest passions? In our online shop you can buy fishing kayaks of the best quality and at the best price. In fact, we have many models, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you want to enjoy the moment completely alone or in tandem with someone who shares your hobby, and you want to do it in the sea, the river or any other kind of natural place.

Individual fishing kayak

If you are a solitary soul and like to spend time by yourself, this type of fishing kayak is for you. It is also ideal for those who want to get started in the world of kayak fishing, because, despite its incredible price, it has everything you need to make this way of fishing an experience.

So, what makes it stand out and why buy an individual fishing kayak? Well, because it is one of the shortest kayaks available, which facilitates movement in the water; and what can we say about its easy transport?

This type of kayak is even suitable for trips of up to 12 kilometres without you having to worry about anything else. Just enjoy your surroundings.

Buy a double kayak

If you like to share your hobby, this model is ideal for you. Moreover, it is manufactured according to rigorous safety standards to guarantee both your peace of mind and ours when you are on the water.

Spend unforgettable days enjoying the sun, the water and your favourite sport together with whoever you want to create the perfect tandem!

Sea fishing kayak

If you are passionate about the sea, we also have something for you: sea fishing kayaks are narrower than the common ones and are designed to be able to offer seaworthy conditions even if there are waves.

Stability, safety and confidence from the hand of great brands that offer you everything you need to make the most of the experience.

We invite you to get to know our sea fishing kayaks and enjoy the salt water.

Fishing kayaks for marshes or rivers

And if the sea is far away, but you don't want to give up kayak fishing, you can also opt for a model designed for rivers or marshes.

This model has more width as speed is not a factor to be taken into account, as waves are generally non-existent in a marsh.

This type of model has raised seats that help you to be more comfortable while you fish and enjoy discovering new specimens for your collection.

Buy now your fishing kayak for rivers or marshes and don't wait any longer to enjoy your hobby like never before!

Where to buy fishing kayaks at the best price and quality

If you are wondering which fishing kayak to buy, let us tell you one thing: At Nauticmar you will be able to find the kayak that best meets your needs.

Find all the fishing kayaks you need. Sea, rivers, marshes... We have all the models for you!

Still have doubts?

Contact us if you need help buying your fishing kayak.

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