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Why buy double kayaks?

We want to see you enjoying nature! And what better way to do it than sharing this experience with one of your favourite people? Now you can enjoy the water, the coast and the flora and fauna with one of our rigid or inflatable double kayaks. You choose the one that best suits your needs.

Find out more about our 2 seater kayaks and don't wait any longer to enjoy long trips, fishing or any number of other activities. At Nauticmar we offer you the best prices for rigid and inflatable double kayaks on the market.

Characteristics of the 2 seater kayaks

Rigid 2-seater kayaks, as well as inflatable or self-bailing kayaks, are a real pleasure for lovers of water and outdoor activities. They are mainly different from other types of kayaks because of their ability to go in tandem and share with your partner, a friend or family member incredible escapades.

Advantages of double kayaks over single kayaks

Simply put, 2-seater kayaks offer stability, wind resistance, ease of manoeuvrability and an ergonomic design, perfect for two people. However, these are not the only advantages of double kayaks. They are also very light, which makes them easy to transport. In addition, these 2-seater kayaks are also very easy to manoeuvre, which makes them perfect for beginners.

Their design reduces the effects of current and wave, which makes them very safe to sail.

Types of double kayaks

In our online shop you can buy 2-seater kayaks of different models and features, you just have to pay attention to their qualities to choose the one that best suits your needs. Each one is designed for different activities and environments.  

Specifically, you can choose between rigid 2-seater kayaks for racing or competition, which are the lightest and narrowest to facilitate navigation and achieve greater speed and stability. They are perfect for more experienced sailors who are looking for a kayak that will help them compete at a professional level.

Recreational or touring double kayaks are ideal for beginners and less experienced paddlers; perfect for enjoying outdoor trips on the sea, lakes, rivers or marshes. While the two-seater touring kayaks are ideal for travelling many kilometres in good company.

There are also inflatable double kayaks and detachable 2-seater kayaks, whose design makes them easy to transport and enjoy any experience on the water.

Where to buy 2-seater kayaks?

Are you thinking of buying a 2-seater kayak? At Nauticmar we have affordable prices for rigid double kayaks and any other type of kayak for what you need. Buy double kayaks on our website and start enjoying the water like never before.

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