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Cressi Baron snorkel mask

Cressi Baron snorkel mask

The design of the Cressi Baron snorkel mask is the result of extensive design and technical studies. It is extremely comfortable and adapts perfectly to any physiognomy. It has been achieved that the air circulation flows absolutely free, both inlet and outlet.

This solves the common problems with these skins on competitive models. Making the snorkel face mask especially safe in any situation.

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The Baron scuba mask is not Cressi's first full-face mask for snorkeling. Already in the 1950s, Cressi marketed its MEDUSA mask with a double breathing tube, which integrated eyes, nose and mouth in a single space.

The breathing system that Cressi has designed and patented, because it does not use the old breathing system through a center tube system, does not require the need for forced breathing to travel a longer distance and open more than one valve. The double section of the tube connects one to the breathing chamber and the other to the vision chamber. This advantage is reinforced by the fact that neither the breathing chamber nor the tube have valves to prevent the user from breathing.

Technical scheme.

The airflow in the Baron is clearly superior to that of any other mask on the market. We had the opportunity to test it in the laboratory of the Milan Polytechnic Department of Engineering, where the results exceeded our expectations. The image shows the viewing area completely clean while the simulator exhales hot steam.

BARON's tightness is ensured by three large safety valves, which only work in the event that water enters the viewing area (2) and the breathing area (1).

DUKE and BARON are not Cressi's first full face masks for diving, since in the 1950s Cressi marketed its MEDUSA double snorkel mask, which integrated the eyes, nose and mouth in a single space.


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