Xcat Multisports Catamaran

Xcat Sail Full detachable catamaran

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The Catamaran X CAT is the first removable Rigid catamaran that can be carried in the Car. only 5M.

The X CAT is a catamaran weighing only 52 kg (without sails) that can be assembled in 12 minutes and allows up to 4 people.

Developed in Germany and tested in the toughest tests they have made it a totally reliable product.

Equipped with a mainsail and rolling Genova, it allows you to control the sail. Extremely smooth in the water, thanks to the light hulls, which are optimized for rowing. With a lot of speed with just a little wind. A short mast and a generous size sail (8.5 m2) gives a lot of security. And it's fast: Force 1-2 = 10 KPH, f. 2-3 = 20 KPH, f 4-5 = 28 KPH and a single mainsail that generates very high power with its ingenious loop system.



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Reference: XCAT1

The X CAT makes the turn very easy since it has an automatic movement for a break in the water.

The XCAT does it with counter-direction delicacy automatically. Simply approve the wind and move your weight forward and the XCAT will do the rest automatically: the boat turns into the wind, backs off, the helm directs the stern to port or starboard and the boat moves forward again. When it turns again in the wind, it repeats the entire cycle, but in the other direction. The result: the XCAT swings with the wind between 15 ° to port and 15 ° to starboard, and works even when a storm suddenly develops. Security that only the XCAT can offer.

Genoa head candle instead of a jib. It provides excellent power and can be quickly rolled up with the endless self-winding.

8,5 m2 main candle with 6 easy-to-assemble sailing sabers. 6 oz. Strong and resistant. Dacron

The XCAT does not need an Orza.

The shape of the helmet with its integral keels prevents the margin of maneuver to the limit


Thanks to the keels of the helmet, the XCAT is incredibly soft in the water and has virtually an integrated self-direction system. In the XCAT, you can simply release the rudder and control the boat by changing its weight. Move your weight forward and the XCAT rises to the wind, regardless of the direction from which it comes. Move your weight aft and the XCAT moves away from the wind. That is simply amazing.

 On longer trips it is exhausting to always have to focus on the address.

Easy to ride on the beach

Low risk of tipping over (lateral pressure on the dagger board increases the tendency to tip over)

Data sheet

  • Length: 5.00 meters
  • Beam: 2.20 meters
  • Strut: 0.45 meters
  • Weight: 52 kg, 75 with sail
  • Maximum load: 300 kg

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