Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 fishing kayak

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There are many fishermen who have opted for this model since it is comfortable, stable and with unique finishes.

The incorporation of the new seat is a delight for those who spend hours at sea.

The exclusive Wilderness systems Slidetrax system allows us to put a multitude of fishing accessories without having to do DIY in our kayak.

It is an ideal kayak if you are a fisherman and do not want something big. It is very versatile since its use is not only limited to the sea, but also suitable for swamps or lakes.



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Seat Phase 3 AirPro

No one could imagine a possible improvement in the Phase 3 seat, but it is. The new Phase 3 Airpro seat increases comfort, has a better and easier adjustment and a wider contact area.

Different densities have been implanted to obtain extra protection, the fanny pack adapts to our back in any dynamic movement, always obtaining the greatest contact and minimum displacement.

Greater ventilation and fast drying. We have improved the set points, greater visibility, less friction, and with a change in the system we reduce the pressure at critical points, avoiding breakage.


  • Length 305 cm
  • Width 77 cm
  • Weight 25 kg
  • Load 147 kg.


  • Seat Phase 3 Air Pro 2013
  • Orbix hatches hatch
  • Adjustable footrest (P10 esc)
  • 4 handles (2 del. 2 lat.)
  • HD polyurethane construction super linear
  • Rear material carrier
  • Flat helmet
  • Bilge Cap
  • 2 Side blade holders
  • Slidetrax Front / Rear

Available colors 2015: red, mango yellow, Lime Green and DUSK color (Gray-orange)

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