Wilderness Radar 135 fishing kayak

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The first kayak of Wilderness Systems with 3 options of propulsion, rowing, pedal and engine. Radar 135 has S.M.A.R.T. Helmet technology that combines stability, maneuverability, acceleration, responsiveness and monitoring throughout its design for maximum performance in multiple types of water.

Thanks to your stability, it will allow you to stand up to fish in calm waters, with total freedom of movement. Equipped with side rails, distributed along the hull, you can equip it with pipes, probe holder, transmitter, etc.


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If used with the Helix PD ™ Pedal Drive pedal system or with the Helix MD ™ Motor Drive electric motor, sold separately, you can steer the kayak using a rudder whose steering lever is located on the right or left side of the Kayak according to the preference of the paddler.

The Helix PD ™ Pedal Drive pedal system is attached to the Flex Pod PD center console while the Helix MD ™ Motor Drive motor system is coupled to the Flex Pod OS chest that is in front of the previous one towards the stern.

Features (see caption in picture):

A - Hold the bow fast, with one hand and you can quickly anchor the shovel.

B - Oval sealed watertight with two closing levers, very easy to open / close and with a large interior load capacity.

C - Flat surfaces that allow you to install brackets, pipes or other accessories.

D - Flex Pod OS Console System. You can install the probe in this removable hood and the transducer will be in direct contact with the water, when you return home you can take out the chest with the probe, battery and transducer all integrated. If the Helix MD ™ Motor Drive is used, this is the compartment that is used, so the probe should be installed on the side rails of the canoe.

E - Wide and inclined footrests for greater comfort of the feet when supporting, they are fully adjustable in length to adapt to the height of each paddler.

F - Flex Pod PD where the Helix PD ™ Pedal Drive pedal system is fitted, in case of not using this propulsion system we can use to install electronic devices including the most modern side-view scanning systems.

G - Side rails for quick coupling of pipes, supports and other accessories without the need to drill the kayak or additional bricokayaks.

H - Lever that handles the rudder of the kayak when combined with the pedal system or the engine, is sold separately and can be installed on the right or left side of the kayak.

I - Specific compartments for hook boxes, now you can have your rapalas completely at hand.

J - Rectangular waterproof compartment so you can reach it by simply stretching your arm. It allows you to step on it when standing up to fish when it is integrated into the helmet.

K - Side rails in the seat area, allow us to mount pipes and other accessories and have them very close to us when shoveling.

L - AirPro Max seat with multiple configuration options, up / down position in the kayak, quickly removable. If you are going to spend long days in the water while fishing, this is the seat you need, your back and your legs will really rest.

M - 2 side clips right and left, if you need to leave the paddle secured on the sides of the kayak while doing other things you can choose the side that suits you.

N - Large capacity loading area with material carriers and sliding parts on rails. If you need to stow the refrigerator, a drawer or other material you need, you have this

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