Surfskate Yow x Pukas La Loca 31.5" S5
Surfskate Yow x Pukas La Loca 31.5" S5
Surfskate Yow x Pukas La Loca 31.5" S5

Surfskate Yow x Pukas La Loca 31.5" S5

A board to surf the streets.

Pukas designer and shaper Axel Lorentz have designed this wide surfskate board with high performance. La Loca was born from the mix of thoughts between the brand and Pukas about creating a high performance board for the surfskate series. Its shape and the S5 axle system are designed so that any rider can have that surfer feeling when skateboarding. The YOW La Loca complete is the perfect board for anyone looking for a surf-like sensation on the street.

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Riding style

Getting around on your new YOW board is very similar to surfing, which makes it the perfect workout for surfing. The position and weight distribution is the same as when you surf the waves.

The YOW system

Its specific axle design makes it possible to make extremely small turns. The option to lock the axles allows you to convert your Skate-Surf into a standard cruiser with the help of YOW's simple locking screw. The S5-axis YOW system uses 5mm springs for a lighter feel. It is ideal for the most difficult turns and cuts.

  • Riding Style: Cruising
  • Width: 24.13 cm
  • Length (inch): 31.5 inch
  • Length (cm): 80.01 cm
  • Shaft width: 8.5 inch
  • Wheel Ø: 66 mm
  • Hardness (wheels): 78A
  • Contact surface: 51 mm


  • YOW Complete Surfskate
  • YOW S5 surf-skate system
  • Yow and Pukas collaboration
  • 7 ply maple
  • 8.5 "Silver Standard Caliber Axles
  • ABEC 7 Black bearings
  • Bearings 92A
  • 66 mm 78A wheels
  • Sandpaper Jessup
  • 28mm risers
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