Prijon Seayak cruise kayak pack

Prijon Seayak cruise kayak pack


The kayak Seayak is the safest sea kayak on the market.

The pack includes:

Kayak Seayak Active

K1 rudder

Prijon Rim Ardeche Fiber Crossing Shovel

Aquadesing vest

Nylon Edge Covers

It is the best-selling kayak by PRIJON and the SEAYAK kayak will continue to be the kayak chosen by the great expeditions as the return to the Iberian peninsula made by "Al Filo de lo Imposible"


Its raised bow makes it sailor in situations of bad sea and its low stern helps to maintain the course with the stern wind.

The polyhedral helmet allows you to correct the course by surfing each wave and offers great stability with side waves.

Its 88 cm bathtub offers space and comfort for canoeists of any size.

The round cover drum housed next to the bathtub allows you to carry things by hand.


  • Length: 490 cm
  • Width: 58 cm
  • Weight: 28.0 kg
  • Capacity: 120 kg
  • Volume: 360 liters.
  • Bathtub: 88 x 45 cm.
  • Tambucho Proa: 42 l.
  • Stern Drum: 110 l
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