Row System Row Vista Complete

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Row System Row Vista Complete

The ROW VISTA System is the best forward rowing system in the world.

Designed to be adapted to any type of boat, be it a Sup board, a kayak or a catamaran or boat.

It adapts in seconds thanks to its adjustable system without screws and allows rowing looking forward allowing you to see where you are going.

The system comes in 2 suitcases and equipped with adjustable Carbon oars

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ROW VISTA high-tech forward rowing system

With RowVista®, the innovative system with integrated articulation mechanism and pen blade, paddles in the direction you are looking and can avoid damaging your boat and oars. RowVista® rowing oars are foldable and only 2.06 m (81 ") long when folded.

It is easy to stabilize the boat while looking forward> you can constantly adjust the heading.

It is a great advantage to see the blade moving if there are waves. You can see the wave channels> perfect for paddling in open water and crossing the bow wave of larger ships.

Thanks to ball bearings, no power is lost in the mechanism.

Fix and secure the paddle skate quickly and easily to MOJO 18 ', DUDE 18', SUP 14 ', AIRKAYAK 16' or your own Stand Up Paddle board, canoe, kayak, Canadian canoe and turn it into a high performance boat. With sliding seat.

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