SUP Paddle Junior Two Piece TAMARI...

SUP Paddle Junior Two Piece TAMARI Mistral


SUP 2 Piece Paddle

The Tamari is available in 2 and 3 adjustable pieces. The carbon composite shaft is strong and light enough for easy handling. The blade is constructed of polycarbonate, a super tough plastic that will withstand shock and abuse from impacting rocks or harsh treatment. A little flex on the blade protects young muscles from injury and new rowers with protection against muscle strain.



  • 6.3 ″ x 15.2 ″ sheet
  • Flat sheet face
  • Palm grip
  • Moderate shaft flex
  • Incremental measurements from tip of blade to top of grip in inches and cm
  • Round shaft
  • Carbon composite axle
  • Polycarbonate sheet that cushions young muscles and tendons
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