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Fishing kayak Narval 10 s
Fishing kayak Narval 10 s
Fishing kayak Narval 10 s
Fishing kayak Narval 10 s

Fishing kayak Narval 10 s


EL NARVAL 10 s is a pedal kayak designed for fishing .. It is a short, light and extremely stable pedal kayak. The kayak is the younger brother of NARVAL 13

It measures 316cm and weighs only 23 kg, it is a shorter, lighter kayak

With a REDISEÑADA Pedal Board (PEDAL DRIVE) and With 2 YEAR WARRANTY and first REVISION service

The PEDAL DRIVE drives both forward and backward with ease. If you are fishing in conditions that are sensitive to currents, this system is an excellent way to maintain your position relative to the brand. The soft pedal movement unit uses a system that ensures that it can be used in shallow water, ensuring that its thrusters are safe from possible damage.


The EasyKing seat is a very comfortable high seat with a supportive backrest that holds the fisherman in an ideal pedaling position. The seat also slides back and forth, so that the fisherman can adjust his position with respect to the pedals, which facilitates the use to people of different heights

The Kayak comes with 3 Series installed pipes and 2 plates to install all kinds of supplements (Probe, GPS, Rotary). The kayak is very stable and allows you to stand on the fishing lance

It also comes equipped with shovel included, standard rudder, bow drum - Nursery, stern drum with Bag

Flat ground

Features include:

  • The Pedal Drive, with forward and backward propulsion.
  • Rudder control system for left hand.
  • Stern rudder.
  • EasyKing seat, adjustable high seat for any height.
  • Two accessory mounting plates that allow easy mounting of various accessories. Dishes measuring 28.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 1.2 cm
  • A drain plug to completely drain the water that has been absorbed during use
  • Small rear storage hatch that completes with the welcome bag for storing essential items, as well as direct access to the kayak hull.
  • Large front storage hatch with access to the kayak hull and a large red splash bag.
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Blade housing with elastic support
  • Front and rear handles for easy transport of the kayak
  • Two side handles for easy transport of the kayak
  • Two Stellar Railblaza
  • A two-piece shovel for stealth and shallow water approaches

Data sheet

  • Length: 316cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Height: 35 cm
  • Weight: 23 kg (without pedals)
  • Maximum load: approximately 140 kg.
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