Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023
Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023
Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023
Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023
Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023
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Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023
Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023
Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023
Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023
Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023

Starboard Paddle Surf Generation Lite Tech 2023


The Generation has been one of the last boards to join the Starboard catalogue and without a doubt, it has done so successfully. This model can be categorized as an Allround board as it brings together the best of 3 worlds of SUP: Surfing, Racing and Touring.

SURFING - It will remind you of the Longboard when surfing, as the outline makes this board hyper reactive!

RACING - It will remind you of the All Star model when competing in all water conditions.

TOURING - It will remind you of the Touring board in terms of stability and ease of use.

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€1,143.20 €1,429.00 -20%
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  • Contains unidirectional stringer strips for extra stiffness, solid rail and nose reinforcements.
  • Contains Australian pine on the stance for extra impact resistance and stiffness in the most critical areas.
  • Carry handle inserts are supplied. Starboard carrying handles are available separately.
  • All inserts have high density foam reinforcements.

Ideal for easy surfing, it will remind you of a longboard when surfing, thanks to the outline of its tail which makes it very manoeuvrable, and will allow you to enjoy small (and not so small) waves in an easy and fun way. It has a thruster configuration with two side fins to help hold it to the wall and better direct the board in each section of the wave.

In the race section we can say that it is an amateur race, and emulates the behaviour of an All Star when you demand the board to paddle at a good pace. It is the perfect option for those who are looking for a board with which to do powerful training sessions but do not need a 100% race board. And watch out how it handles the DW sections with those characteristics.

If you have recently started SUP and you are looking for a board to do long routes, the Generation behaves like a perfect touring board, in fact we could say that it is the touring board for open water as many touring boards have a nose and design in general very focused on flat water and navigation in canals, rivers and swamps, while the Generation has shown us that it likes the ride and faces any route regardless of the water conditions.

Choose your width: The Generation is available in 3 widths.

  • 30": the most stable option for heavy riders and/or demanding conditions.
  • 28": the ultimate combination of speed and stability. The best of both worlds.
  • 26": more geared towards lighter, more skilled riders who prefer speed over stability.

Rail thickness

The rail thickness is maintained along the entire profile of the board, providing a balanced glide from nose to tail. The Generation is thinner than Touring or Race Boards, which makes it lighter during manoeuvres and easier to carry.

Tail Tuck Edge

Rounded to avoid catching the nose in the water, sharper in the centre to create a stable platform, through a sharp edge on the tail for carving in surf.

Deep Double Concave

Completes the V-finish by providing direct stability underfoot.

Recessed Pad

Provides comfort and stability. The flat deck makes it easy to move and balance the board as well as surf on the tail.

2 in 1 paddle holder carrying handle

Velcro to hold the paddle.

Easier to carry as the board hangs effortlessly on your shoulder.

Allows you to keep your hands free for multitasking such as holding a coffee or phone.

When not in use, the bungee stays flat on the board so it won't drag in the water.

FCS Insert System

FCS inserts on the nose to attach accessories such as a GoPro, mobile phone, compass or GPS.

Thruster configuration

A single fin allows for good straight line glide and facilitates buoy turns when racing.

The 5.5" thruster configuration of side fins provides the best combination for increased power and drive for easy turning when surfing.

Board constructions

Carbon top


Lightest value ever

Lightweight shoulder carry handle, making it easy to carry.

You'll feel the lightest you'll ever feel thanks to the very light biaxial carbon that has been introduced into the deck, mixed with a protective layer of lightweight fibreglass.

The stance contains Australian pine, providing stiffness to the board and maximum impact resistance.

2 x T-stringers along the length of the deck significantly increase the resistance against total breakage in waves (Specific on the Generation board).


As strong as possible

High density, impact resistant EVA technology wraps the rail from nose to tail.

Multiple layers of fibreglass are wetted together with epoxy resin wrapping the hull.

Contains Australian pine over the stance for increased impact resistance and stiffness.

Contains unidirectional stringer strips for extra stiffness, solid rail and nose reinforcements.

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