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Indiana Heavy Duty Touring Inflatable...

Indiana Heavy Duty Touring Inflatable 11/6

The 10’7 Heavy Duty Hardboard is ideal for rental stations and beginners. It is a bit more handy and lighter than the 11’5 and therefore designed for lighter and smaller paddlers. The PC / ABS sheathing makes it extremely robust and almost indestructible.

Range of Use:

Allround ●●●●●

Yoga/Fitness ●●●●O



Whitewater ●OOOO


Paddler Level:

Beginner ●●●●●

Advanced ●●OOO

Professional OOOOO

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Length: 10’7 / 322.6 cm • Width: 32’’ / 81.3 cm • Thickness 5’’ / 12.7 cm

Volume: 225 L • Weight: 13 kg • Est. Rider Weight: 50-90 kg

Material: EPS Foam, Fibreglass, Epoxy, PC/ABS • Construction: PC Fibreglass Sandwich Production Technique: Lamination/Molding • EVA Pad: Diamond Groove • Fin: 8.5 Hyperflow Fin • Produced in China

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