Coasto Airsurf 6' Inflatable SUP Board with Fixed Fins

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With reinforced rigidity, the Coasto Airsurf 6 'Inflatable SUP Board with fixed keels allows greater resistance to impacts than a conventional board thanks to its flexibility (rocks, pebbles ...) and thus guarantees optimum safety. Due to the pressures exerted, the Air Surf Coasto is used with a pressure of 22 psi, guaranteeing rigidity that is proof of everything. The weight of this board does not exceed 5 kg, which makes it easily manageable over water.

The pack includes 22psi high pressure pump, backpack, extendable leash (invention) and repair kit.

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New for 2019

A revolution in the market for paddle surf boards. Aware of the weight limitations of the double layer, Coasto has developed a unique technology that consists of thermofusing the two layers of PVC

Coasto has developed a unique thermal fusion technology for the two PVC layers.

Data sheet

  • Length: 180 centimeters
  • Width: 51 centimeters
  • Thickness: 8 centimeters
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Maximum load: up to 80 kg
  • Fixed fins version

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