Ocean Trident 11 fishing kayak 2018

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The shortest of the Trident family is the Trident 11 for those fishermen who prioritize stability and maneuverability over the achievement of long distances. Its AC2 seat can be modified at an angle to be more comfortable during long fishing days without sacrificing a bit of navigation performance. The equipment of this kayak is simply unbeatable.



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The little one of the Trident 2017 family is the Trident 11 Fishing. Like its older sisters (Trident 13 Pesca 2017 and Trident 15 Pesca 2017), it is standard equipped with equipment that does not lack any detail and in which the design of its archiproved helmet leaves little doubt as to its behavior and performance.

The colors for this year 2017 are lime and three different shades of camouflage; orange camouflage (orange / gray), brown camouflage (brown / green) and urban camouflage (gray)

The New TRIDENT Van Equipped with the new ACS 2 seat Adjustable in heights

Also equipped with several registration covers to install the probe in 2 different points and the helmet is already prepared with the corresponding hole to install the transducer without the need to make holes

It also incorporates a bow support to support the rods or the blade and that does not escape, also in the central drum carries a magnet so that the hooks do not escape.

In sum, a kayak equipped to the top and with the good navigation of the Trident kayak

Data sheet

  • Length: 350 cm
  • Width: 77 cm
  • Weight: 31.82 kg.
  • Capacity: 138 kg

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