Narval 13 fishing kayak with pedals

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The new Narval 13 is the perfect kayak.

Lets go pedaling or shoveling.

With its new pedal system, it uses Smooth Motion Pedal Drive that drives the kayak both forward and backward with ease.

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The Narval 13 is a kayak 396 cm long and 84 cm wide, which gives it great stability and reliability.

With its new pedal system, it uses Smooth Motion Pedal Drive that drives the kayak both forward and backward with ease. If you are fishing in conditions that are sensitive to currents, this system is an excellent way to maintain your position relative to the brand. The soft pedal movement unit uses a system that ensures that it can be used in shallow water, ensuring that its thrusters are safe from possible damage.

Its rounded stern and its rudder give it great maneuverability and allows it to reach good speeds by pedaling

It has a large bow hatch with a plug inside, which allows it to drain water completely. As this hatch does not have direct access to the kayak hull, it can also be transformed into a live bait either using a pump system. The kayak comes with a lot more storage space, with a large rear chest well complete with elastic ropes to hold things like carts, boxes and refrigerators. Fishermen who want to have both hands free while propelling in a kayak have an advantage using a pedal-powered kayak.

With a smooth floor allows you to stand up without problems

With its both aft and side pipes, it comes with two Railblaza ports and a Railblaza bracket as a serial rod. It also comes with two accessory mounting plates, so it is not necessary to drill the kayak hull

Equipped with a large armchair very comfortable and adjustable. The EasyKing seat is a very comfortable high seat with a supportive backrest that holds the fisherman in an ideal pedaling position. The seat also slides back and forth, so that the fisherman can adjust his position with respect to the pedals, very comfortable for people of different heights.


  • Helice Smooth Motion Pedal DRIVE pedal system
  • EASY KING raised and adjustable seat
  • Two accessory mounting plates that allow easy mounting of various accessories. Dishes measuring 28.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 1.2 cm
  • A drain plug to completely drain the water that has been absorbed
  • Small rear storage hatch that completes with the welcome bag for storing essential items, as well as direct access to the kayak hull.
  • Large front storage hatch with access to the kayak hull
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Front and rear handles for easy transport of the kayak
  • Two Stellar Railblaza
  • Rudder installed
  • big bow drum
  • 2 drums with bag
  • Blade holder
  • Porting Gums
  • Shovel

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