Point 65

Modular Point 65 Falcon Tandem Kayak Pack with Paddles

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The Point 65 Falcon Tandem Modular Kayak is the little brother of the POINT 65 detachable family, take it with 2 paddles in this pack !.

With a mounted size of 388 cm (the 3 modules) and a weight of 30 kg (9.5 kg per module) this kayak is very versatile and stable, ideal for families and initiation in the world of kayaking in lakes, rivers or quiet sea .

Its Ease of assembly with Snap-tap system allows in just 10 seconds to mount or dismount a module, you have the possibility to navigate in pairs or alone (with the 2 modules).

It can be moved or stored anywhere as its modules are only 140 cm long by 62 cm wide and it is easily transportable (9.5 kg module)

With waterproof seal as standard and 2 backrests.



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Reference: POINT38

Data sheet

  • Length: 414 centimeters (138 centimeters each module)
  • Width: 67 centimeters
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Maximum load: 225 kilograms

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