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Aqua Marina Betta HM 412 13.6 Tandem inflatable kayak

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EL Kayak hinchable BETTA HM 412 es un kayak hinchable para dos personas, fabricado para los lagos y aguas poco agitadas, además posee una capacidad de carga de hasta 155 kg. 

Perfecto para los principiantes y las personas de nivel intermedio.

Asientos de alta calidad con posición ajustable para un máximo confort y además para que puedas embarcar contigo tus mochilas, picnic, bolsos, etcétera



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Extremely rugged, the Betta HM kayak is easily stored, transported and installed. With a length of 412 cm and a weight of 13.5 kg, the HM is an inflatable kayak for two people, manufactured for lakes and rough waters, also has a load capacity of up to 155 kg. Equipped with several keels, this kayak can be easily maneuvered even by a beginner. Perfect for beginners and intermediate level people.

With its transport elastics and its valve on the ground, this kayak is simple and practical. The safety handles on the stern and bow will allow you to easily place your kayak in the water. Lightweight but sturdy, you just have to unwind, inflate, fix the seat and you'll be ready

High quality seats with adjustable position for maximum comfort and also so that you can embark with you your backpacks, picnic, bags, etc., the elastic ropes are included in your pack. The calapies are "the little extra" of Betta HM.

The swelling of the boat is done in 3 times, for greater autonomy and less fatigue. You will first have the walls of the boat separated into two chambers with anti-deflated valves that guarantee perfect buoyancy. Next, the floor with its own valve, I-Beam technology for a stronger and more rigid structure.

A family kayak that can be used by both children and adults; Easy to direct and relatively well maintained. Aqua marina is especially interested in the strength of its vessels and the quality of the materials used. Light and fast is perfect for occasional or regular use.


  • Max. payload: 155kg
  • Size: 412x83cm
  • Weight: 13.5kg

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