SUP Board STEALTH Mistral
SUP Board STEALTH Mistral
SUP Board STEALTH Mistral

SUP Board STEALTH Mistral


Ultra Distance, Speedster

The Stealth is designed to be super fast in flat water, has excellent sliding qualities for every stroke and is remarkably stable, making long-distance rowing comfortably a pleasure. It offers more speed and avoids creating a mini mountain of water to climb on the bow. It guarantees limited strength and maximum efficiency through water, along with the inherent elegance that only reaches its full width only forward from the center The low standing area, serves to lower the center of gravity of the paddler, which makes it comfortable standing and paddling.



Length: 536cm

Width: 61cm

Weight: 11.5kg

Volume: 307l

Material: Carbon

Rudder system

Made of carbon fiber. The steering system can be adjusted to be set at different distances according to the search for the "optimal point" that works for you. The nature of the board will tend to mean that it will be standing on the rudder most of the time. Equipped with 2 different rudder arms, you can choose to set it to 'Goofy' (right foot forward) or 'Regular' (left foot forward)".

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