Surfboard Longboard PALEO Mistral

Surfboard Longboard PALEO Mistral


Longboard, Surfboard

Designed to meet the needs of relaxed surf styles associated with the Malibu and Mini-Mal long board, Neo, Retro and Paleo boards feature soft, smooth lines that promote smooth turns with full control and are easy enough for beginners to use. advanced. Drive as a single fin or with side bites, using the FCS fin system. It is offered in two different constructions, fiberglass or Flex Carbon compound. Flex Carbon, offers an instant energy boost when re-entering when riding waves, weight saving and created with the most dedicated rider in thinking. All boards feature the use of cork for a better appearance and better environmental impact.



Length: 274cm

Width: 57cm

Depth: 10cm

Weight: 8kg

Volume: 75.6l

Material: Cork and Fiberglass 

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