Chaleco de Proteccion Aztron VESTA

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The Aztron VESTA safety vest is an aid to buoyancy and adapts to all levels of rowing. Featuring high-quality neoprene material, internal safety straps and buckle, a snug-fit design, and segmented padding, the vest offers a sleek look for added buoyancy or peace of mind when in the water.

Neoprene Safety Vests are purposely made for paddling and set a new industry standard that makes the ISO 50N certified vest super soft and flexible.Our range of multi-functional vests is sure to boost your confidence, so you can carry your navigation to the next level.



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Reference: AZTRON60

The proven 50N vest offers comfort and a nice look without compromising rider safety

Designed for rowing

Segmented padding design improves mobility, flexibility, and optimizes comfort

Equipped with safety straps and buckle inside to guarantee the resistance and durability of the vest.

Flexible 2.0 neoprene fabric

Strong YKK zipper and zipper flag

Central lock for quick and easy entry

Fitted construction and intricate details

PVC-free foam padding

Water drainage system

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