Fisher Double Fishing Kayak

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The FISHER KAYAK is the most complete family kayak on the market. It has an unbeatable range of benefits with a great value for money.

It has a length of 400 cm, a sleeve of 90 cm !!! so it offers great stability, and a height of 45 cm, weighs a mere 44 kg and supports a load of up to 240 kg in weight. It has excellent aerodynamics and offers comfortable navigation with great stability in a spacious environment to all kinds of details.

PACK Extras included:

• 2 removable aluminum oars

• 2 life jackets with 4 adjustable straps and reflectors

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It comes equipped with reinforced aluminum chairs. Comfortable, adjustable in position to adapt to the measure of any person. Non-slip and completely smooth floor, allows you to stand up, It has a pair of fixed pipes and 2 hatches with waterproof seals, one of them with nursery and self-emptying cap. It also includes 4 plates to add any type of supports (beacons, pipes, flag, probes ...)

Equipement :

• 2 aluminum chairs adjustable in height, resistant and adjustable horizontal position.

• 2 waterproof hatches in front of each seat, one of them ideal for independent nursery with cap.

• 4 plates to adapt all kinds of accessories such as pipes, probes, beacons, etc ...

• 2 fixed pipes with plug.

• 9 auto drain plugs.

• Inner hull drain plug

• Smooth non-slip relief floor.

• 2 port and starboard handles to transport the kayak.

• 2 handles aft and bow for transport.

• Hollow in the case for probe.



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