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Aqua Marina BlueDrive Power Fin 240 electric motor

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The new aquamarina blue power drive electric motor imagines that it is already tired of rowing and has an electric system that allows it to travel up to 5 km / h through the water simply by controlling it from an wireless bracelet. that's the new aquamarina blue power drive engine

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Artikel-Nr.: AQUAMARINA18

Blue Drive Power Fin (Shipped from NL)

The Aqua Marina BLUE DRIVE electric motor consists of two blocks. The engine and control box. with a lithium battery lg of 31, 2 amp. it is fixed in the table knew in the kayak thanks to its integrated support or its elastic straps on each side the location in the case of the sup boards is instead of the fin and therefore is compatible with all models of sup with ailerons replacing it and acting as the but provided thrust up to 6 km / h in the kayak is installed on the stern fixing it with elastic straps.

the waterproof case with the battery will be installed on the board or inside the kayak as with several nautical devices,

The marine aqua engine has an emergency stop that trips at the fall of the rider or paddle to prevent your board from continuing the ride without you. wireless controller for convenience,

The BLUE DRIVE is supplied with a power control bracelet and is wireless.

Accessories supplied with the blue DRIVE

The BLUE DRIVE is supplied with a man in the water who disconnects the engine, the waterproof speed control bracelet, the universal accessory kit and the wireless control lever. the battery is lithium ion lg with 31, 2 amp and goes in a completely waterproof box with recharge zone

. Specifications; power end: 22 x 26 x 31 cm battery box 29. 6 x 23. 1 x 12. 3 cm / max power: 12 v dc, 240 w speed: 4-5 km / h weight: 8. 0 kg battery: lg lithium-ion 31, 2 amp battery life: 4h maximum, 2h at top speed shipments throughout Spain.



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